Welcome to ‘Seen Yet Not Heard’

Welcome to my personal journal.  

This journal is a living autobiography.  Who knows maybe it will amount to something productive 20-years from now.  I started writing things down months ago and as of today I’m still working on the general form of the journal.  Technology is great.  I think I’m close to leaving well enough alone and ready to spend what precious little time I have left on reading, reflecting and writing.

Someone many years ago accused me of being a Renaissance Man.  If that means interested in many things, yet not a college professor in any, or maybe one, then I accept the yoke.  I hope my endeavors here do justice to the family, friends and community that raised me.  If I inadvertently offend anyone here, feel free to say so.  I don’t profess to be perfect or to have perfect memory. 

Last disclaimer, don’t be surprised if you check back someday and an article you read has been edited or even pulled.  I write with all the sincerity and humility that I would hope others would accord me.  That means when I mess up, I want to know.  Fortunately, the software I’m using lets me fix my oversights, mis-steps and brain farts.