… why am I doing this journal you ask?

… Here is to a long life and life-long learning.
… Here is to expecting and honoring the antithesis.

Every now and then you read something that challenges your understandings and absent rigidity of thought your preconceived notions. I think it a benefit to friend, or simply those with a passing interest, to write about these as I’m sure many fall into the same arena as I. And, why not share!

Brother Edward, a passionate thinker and teacher introduced me to critical thinking. He once said that all knowledge went through a regular and common metamorphosis or cycle of development, of evolution if you will. This process is an ongoing cycle of thesis, antithesis, and thesis. Little did I understand then, but now adopt, that this progressive process is far and away the most constructive and timely habit of critical thinking that is practiced by humanity.

Those who profess the antagonistic approach, the one and only truth approach are fooled by claims that science comes to proven final truths; therefore, they think that truth is or must be an exclusive captive of a puritanical adherence to one scientific outcome. Were this true, then Einstein would not have challenged Newton, nor approved of those who now challenge the man himself. Think! We once knew with certainty that the Atom was the smallest component of life, now we see others.

We need to have the courage to hear and seriously consider counter-thought and submit it to testing to determine if it rises to the level of legitimate antithesis. If it should, we then need to agree we were not of folly to have believed otherwise, but merely an honest seeker of truth. To this end, I will write. I will encourage counter-thought. I will examine and re-examine. I will acknowledge when conversation and investigation compels me to rewrite. This I shall do to the day I die and be grateful that learning is a life long event and surely when it stops, I stop.

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