… my life if nothing else is a journey!

The Journey Begins

I’m looking forward to writing and the conversations it brings.  

Do forgive my known weakness in grammar.  Praise be to the spell checker, may it never let me down!  I don’t have an Editor on staff, so please feel free to step in and offer corrections or changes.  I take no offense to complaints of voice, suicide by comma, or any other matter pertaining to construction or form.

Strength through Virtue!  This was the motto of one of the centuries old Lee Clans of Ireland.  I like it!  I strive to live up to it. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  One point of personal favor;  well, … at least one, it’s best that characterizations and twitter-class responses be saved for your favorite public wall.  Thank you in advance for thoughtful consideration.

Time to write.  Time to read.  On to my personal journal.