Treatment of Scrapes, Scratches and More Serious Wounds

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… seriously brown sugar, it’s a miracle
… natures substitute would be DuoDerm bandages

I spent most of my childhood without concern or consequence when injured, scratched, and so on.  I was treated like any other kid.  I broke my left Tibia at around age 19 and healed quite normally, no serious complications.  The casting decision made by the ER doctor was a disaster.  I had to be re-casted many days later – that hurt quite badly.  Not so much fun when the doctor resets your foot.

Now at 50-plus, Cellulitis is an issue and Staph bacterium is a real problem.  No idea where I picked those up.  The doctor tells me that any skin break provides an avenue for bacteria to enter into subdermal tissue including scratches, bug bites, infected toenails, and so on.  But I’ve been treating myself for stasis ulcers since about 18 years of age without secondary infections.  Why now I asked the MD?  His best guess is that my circulation is beginning to falter, i.e. slow more.  My autoimmune system is definitely more compromised these days.  And by all accounts, he feels I’m fortunate that with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome this hasn’t been my reality until now.

I now overcompensate for my tendency to pick up bacteria by washing all skin breaks with sterilization solutions using sterile gauze.  We’re using DermNaturals 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Body Wash.  I also more routinely wash in areas without skin breaks to try to cleanse “healthy skin” just in case breaks exist that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye.  The old adage about an ounce of prevention comes to mind.  Not sure of the overall effects of this new regime yet, but the MD recommended it last year when Staph entered through a stasis ulcer and went secondary blowing up a lymph node in my groin area.

When my skin breaks look like they’re more compromised than say a simple scratch, we also continue my tried and true remedy.  This remedy comes from treating serious problems with stasis ulcers in and around my ankles and feet.  We pack garden-variety brown sugar into a small mound covering the skin break as much as 1/2 inch beyond the break.  Then, we cover the brown sugar with a sterile pad to prevent seepage and then cover the sterile pad with gauze to hold it in place.  Paper tape works best for holding the gauze as my skin is allergic to other bandaging material. We repeat this procedure about once every 4 hours.

You’ll notice the sugar’s brown color goes away and turns white – this is a sign it’s working.

So what’s with this medical secret?  Bacteria can’t grow in 100% sugar environment so we’re flooding the area with sugar.   Brown sugar works best because it packs in tight, unlike white granulated sugar.  My body sees the brown sugar as a natural solution and thus it readily absorbs it.  The added benefit of natural hydration is a huge plus.

Believe it when I tell you the above remedy is MD approved.  And, it works!  Brown sugar literally saved me from having to amputate my feet when out of control stasis ulcers healed after everything else failed.  The doctor explained that before antibiotics it was this or sterile maggots.

Today medical science substitutes DuoDerm bandages for brown sugar – the ones without the clear bandaging around the edges.  Basically, the DuoDerm bandage acts the same way that brown sugar does, but it’s a bit pricey.  The DuoDerm bandage protects the area while your skin manages its own repair.  These isolate the area and prevent both skin-based and air-borne bacteria from entering the wound.  The secret to success is no peeking!!!!  When you put the DuoDerm on, you leave it one for weeks.  I leave these on until they fall off.  They survive the shower and swimming pool, if applied for about 12 hours before the water event.  If you wear compression stockings, no problem.  Cover the DuoDerm with gauze bandaging, then carefully pull stockings over the gauze. While the gauze is not essential, it will protect your stocking.  You will be amazed.  The pain normally associated with stasis ulcers is gone in about 48 hours.  The doctor tells me that this is about how long it takes for your natural processes to take over and kill the bacteria in the wound. Once dead, the skin begins to repair – pain-free.  Well ….  unless you kick a table or something just as foolish.

It’s worth noting, that brown sugar goes where DuoDerm bandages don’t go, so I still rely on the old remedy a lot.  Interestingly, it works on healthy cheerleaders feet and toes too.  My wife healed the neighbor’s kid in time for homecoming.  The girl is a nurse now and gets a kick reminding us about our “voodoo” medicine.

What your still a sceptic about the brown sugar?  Ok, take the challenge test.  I did.  Go into the kitchen pantry and pull out the 2-year-old opened honey jar.  Open it and look inside.  Do you see any mold or bacteria growing.  Case closed.  A 100% sugar environment is the trick.  It works better than antibiotics for open wounds.  And here is the real blessing – the kill is like 100%.  No residual bacteria lurking around getting stronger and immune to the antibiotics.

I confess, I told the doctor it was voodoo too.  He got the last laugh!

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