K-T: The Heredity Question

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My family history with K-T:

  • I’m the first and only known case on both sides of my family – father and mother.
  • I have two biological children born WITHOUT K-T and otherwise very regular (9 APGAR).
  • I have two biological grandchildren born WITHOUT K-T and otherwise regular (10 APGAR).

Klippel-Trenaunay is a very likely a genetic aberration, which is under study.  I believe the chromosome aberration will be found soon, as genetic research is getting amazing results in general.  I’m betting that the aberration is environmentally-caused or simply random chance.

If you’re a new mom or dad, please know that there is NOTHING you did to cause this condition.  There is NOTHING in your family gene pool that caused this condition. Please don’t go to your grave, as my mother did, with any second thoughts.  Nature just does some really funky stuff sometimes.

I may be proven wrong about the heredity thing, but I doubt it.  In over a thousand K-T births not one child shows a family history of Klippel-Trenaunay, me included.  Sure, there is some evidence that once in a blue moon there is a possible family link.  These findings are very, very sparse.  I would say even statistically improbable.


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