I’ll Be Here Tomorrow

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Courage isn’t a desperate growl;
rather the gritty mantra “I’ll be here tomorrow!”

Yes my friend, it is courage you have, and
courage you inspire.

Better days are coming!

[William Anton Lee, I’ll Be Here Tommorrow,©2011]
Oct 16, 2011

– – – – – – – – – –

Note:  My friend James Vetham inspires me each and every day.  While he is not alone in the daily challenge to keep head held high, it is his recent endeavors that motivated me to write this.  It is he that inspired me to stop and think about courage.  Specifically, about the courage it takes to face days where little changes for the better and in these days to feel the road is just slightly harder to climb than yesterday.  Only courage explains the grit it takes to climb that hill day-in and day-out.  James is a courageous soul and in the company of many such souls who share a common challenge called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.

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