A Grandson’s Goodbye

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In his arms you will rest, among the chosen ones.

With your Love you will rest, locked in an embrace for eternity.

Memories will last me a life time and beyond.
Our talks will be missed.
Your heart will be missed.
You will be missed.

So strong you are.
Through the pain you waited.
You knew when you would go.
He and You Knew.

She asked for forgiveness years ago,
You forgave years before.
Now reunited, the chance you both have been waiting for.
Now where only love can shine, you two will shine brighter than ever.

My promise to you – is to always remember our talks and never stop my dance with my Lord.
I will dance for You, for Her, for Him, my Trinity.
In faith may I live as strong as you.
With love I pray.

I Love You!

I Miss You!

by Robert Prescott Lee
2006 November 17
A Grandson’s Goodbye

… Posted here in loving memory of my father, the grandfather to my children.  Written by my son, Robert, and delivered at Dad’s memorial service in Sacramento, CA.

2 thoughts on “A Grandson’s Goodbye”

  1. Thank you dad for posting. I haven’t read this in such a long time. Love you and I’m enjoying the word press. Keep it up and I’ll see you soon.


  2. Your welcome Robert. I’m not only going forward with this journal, but reaching back too. There are many topics discussed and experiences shared that are worth revisiting. From time to time let me know what things you would like me to write about, I should have kept a paper journal all along (especially with my cluttered memory).


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