When is Sweet Not Sugar

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Ok, we’ve pretty much accepted that sugar is not so good in our diet.  Try avoiding it entirely these days as you travel and socialize.  Heck, try shopping it out of your grocery items.  

I found the article referenced below very interesting and educational.  I haven’t chased all of the information presented to ascertain veracity, but if the material presented is to be believed sweet has a panacea of more reasonable options than the processed white sugar we all taught is the king of the kitchen table.

Read on: Healthy Sugar Alternatives (Michael Edwards)

One thought on “When is Sweet Not Sugar”

  1. Thank you for this very interesting and relatively inexpensive way to deal with my extremely painful stasis ulcers, though my incredible doctor did call me last night to let me know that all of my swab results were in and that I needed to see him again ASAP. My swabs are showing staph and Fusarium (He did not elaborate on either, so I am unsure of which ‘brand’ that each of these could possibly be.). Though I am to have my first appointment with Wound Care on Mon. (It’s now Sat..), I will probably not be allowed to do anything about this excruciating pain (other than sterile gauze saturated in bottled spring water) until my doctor decides what other tests I might need to have done to further aid him in his determinations (Fortunately he is rated in the top 1% in the entire country in infectious diseases and one of his partners are considered to also be a “skin specialist”.). Having felt like a guinea pig for the last 13 + years as countless doctors have poked, prodded and otherwise driven me crazy as they’ve tried to determine all that ails me. Hopefully now, I am finally getting the help that I’ve prayed for and maybe some (all?) of my questions will be answered. Once again, thank you as I truly do appreciate your detailed explanation of your approach to dealing with both the pain and the healing of these horrible ulcers.


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