Stasis Ulcer Infection

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… here we go again

Confucius says, “K-T man wearing sandals has no business standing in a tiny bathroom while other man blind-tosses moldy sheetrock”. Yep, here we go again! It’s amazing how quickly we humans forget pain. These stasis ulcers are seriously painful. I’m hoping my body still chooses to fight these miserable things off, but even in the best of cases it’s a 2 – 3 month process. Good news, the DuoDerm bandage went on immediately. I’m a little concerned though; the usual magic is getting a slow start this time. It’s been 72-hours and the pain is still imposing. To my K-T friends this may be my new normal. Last year’s batch of stasis ulcers attracted a nasty strain of Staph bacteria that continued its invasion reaching my lymph system. That was a new experience. Having a lymph node in my groin area “sacrificing itself for the cause” after mushrooming into a small baseball was a small consolation to Mother Nature’s best efforts to keep me alive. We’re definitely looking to avoid a repeat performance. Oh well, at least the nightly burning leg symptoms won’t be as noticeable while these ulcers have their way with me. Tomorrow morning we’ll be stepping up to my homeopathic treatment, brown sugar under the DuoDerm bandage, along with a call to the doctor.

Published by: Willi-Anton Christopher

Born Willi Anton after my Mom's brother and Father, respectively, I grew up Willi to my father's Billy Boy and grandfather's Bill. We had other William variants in the generational family, a Will, and a Billy Sandy. Our weekend's at the family "ranch" in Deer Park, CA, near St. Helena and Angwin, were an exercise in orchestrated choruses of "who me". I walked off a plane in Sacramento, preparing to enter high school alone. When my caretakers asked what I wanted to be called, Bill came out very easy, very unplanned. My father who joined me months later asked me - why Bill. I had no real idea. It was a spontaneous announcement on my part. Dad was a 20-plus army guy who was "Sargent Lee" wherever he went who at 40-plus was still called Billy Boy by his Aunts. Grandpa was the only persona that was allowed the standalone name of Bill. So it was, Dad called me William. I practiced his formal signature which was William. My high school life, college life, and professional life, found me known as Bill. In these waning years I have gotten comfortable being Willi Anton Christopher, as I took up prose and poetry. Christopher is the name I chose for myself, my Catholic Confirmation name. Ironically, a few years later the Church de-canonized St. Christopher. I kept the name - it reminds me of the humility and strength attributes I sought to emulate in my spiritual life, in my life lived. So no you know.

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3 thoughts on “Stasis Ulcer Infection”

  1. here they use a mixture of powdered sugar and iso-bethadine to put on it. it helps a lot. I don’t know if you know the iso-bethadine ? it is an disinfectant solution and you have it in the solution, the gel and the tule. I mixture the gel with the powdered sugar on the ulcer and cover it up with tule and with a melolin that is a gauze pad with a shiny film on it (so it doesn’t get in the ulcer).
    wish you the best.. xxx Sibylle


    1. Thank you Sibylle. Very interesting, here in the U.S. most folks consider my brown sugar (from sugar cane) solution to be a non-medical, and thus fringe, treatment. It works very well as it packs into the ulcer without needing additives. Imagine that, it kills bacteria, requires no medical prescription, and is cheaply purchased at the food store. It sounds like a very similar treatment to your medical communities “go to” solution. The DuoDerm bandages also seem to work in much the same way as your Melolin. A student of new techniques I will do research on your items to see if these products are available here in the U.S. May I add your notes to my K-T info sheet on treatments for stasis ulcers published here?


  2. yes you can sure…
    If you would like some of those products I can send them to you so you could try them once. I have used the duoderm also and that works perfectly also but it so easy and very cheap also to use the products that I have, the duo derm you always have to order and it doesn’t last long .. The iso bethadine I always use to disinfect the little problems that I have. the melolin isn’t necessary but sometimes you need it because other wise you always reopen it when you refreshed the bandage.
    let me know if you want me to send you some of the products to try!

    good luck


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