The Fading Rose

Moments remembered when we couldn’t wait to see Affection as it turned the corner or we missed it when life required distance, even for an hour or two.

Affection remembered as a soothing voice, dazzling eyes and sweet lips so often and generously offered without expectation, albeit with hope and love.

Love remembered as an enchanted paradise where glimpses, snippets, a passing touch, even a gentle push naturally kindled the flames of Affection.

Loneliness remembered when Affection faded because we chose seclusion, relaxation or false expectations, albeit Choice can so often be clothed in blind apathy.

Wonder not, we are the masters of both affection and loneliness wherein we find no solace in seeing the faded rose while remembering the rosebud, so much so that our heart refuses to be quieted.

So it is Affection perfected that effortlessly remembers to gaze into Love’s eyes, speak in song, tame fire with a soft kiss, and gently touch the hand that holds your heart.

Magic or not, it is pure joy to remember forever rosebuds and gentle blooms, for if it’s the faded rose we routinely remember we only have ourselves to consider the fool, no less the lonely fool.

by William Anton Lee
2013 April 18
[The Fading Rose]
First Draft

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