[Be Not Alone]

Whether fear, trepidation, passion or affection, all play for our heart hoping to gather our soul and distract the mind. Some of these we favor as sunlight, others we banish as darkness. When called their are Angels in our midst who walk with us through darkness, just as their are Shepherds who guide us by daybreak. Sing through the night – dance through the day – and should the Moon rest and the Sun blind, reach for the subtle touch of angels and shepherds.

Caution! Hearts are at play with little understanding of emotion or endeavor. Gathered souls! Distracted minds! Flittering Hearts! These matter much and stand loneliness up. Listen carefully for sweet music calling us to sing and dance. Free your soul! Settle your mind! Guard against blindness causing angels and shepherds to pass-by after momentarily standing before us. Let not doubt, rationality, willful silence or stubborn blindness keep you from affection.

Be not alone, for we are not alone!

William Anton Lee
2013, May 6
[Be Not Alone]
First Draft

Published by: Willi-Anton Christopher

Born Willi Anton after my Mom's brother and Father, respectively, I grew up Willi to my father's Billy Boy and grandfather's Bill. We had other William variants in the generational family, a Will, and a Billy Sandy. Our weekend's at the family "ranch" in Deer Park, CA, near St. Helena and Angwin, were an exercise in orchestrated choruses of "who me". I walked off a plane in Sacramento, preparing to enter high school alone. When my caretakers asked what I wanted to be called, Bill came out very easy, very unplanned. My father who joined me months later asked me - why Bill. I had no real idea. It was a spontaneous announcement on my part. Dad was a 20-plus army guy who was "Sargent Lee" wherever he went who at 40-plus was still called Billy Boy by his Aunts. Grandpa was the only persona that was allowed the standalone name of Bill. So it was, Dad called me William. I practiced his formal signature which was William. My high school life, college life, and professional life, found me known as Bill. In these waning years I have gotten comfortable being Willi Anton Christopher, as I took up prose and poetry. Christopher is the name I chose for myself, my Catholic Confirmation name. Ironically, a few years later the Church de-canonized St. Christopher. I kept the name - it reminds me of the humility and strength attributes I sought to emulate in my spiritual life, in my life lived. So no you know.

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