[Building a Life & Wooden Track]

Building wooden train track with your grandkids is a life lesson. Start with the Round House, home, noticing a choice of multiple directions, arbitrarily select one direction because it feels right; work your way up to a Bridge while digging around for a tiny little Funny Piece, otherwise adapt; cross the bridge without accidentally collapsing the deck; choose the right Ding Ding, a kid’s pleasure; circle around and back and across and back until a Switch seems right; work you way back to the Round House but not before passing through the Maintenance and Repair Shop with a quick visit to the Wash House; pause and breath while planning how to finish off the other Spurs knowing that at least one track still needs to work its way back to the Round House – it’s the Switch you thought was needed earlier; seriously consider adding in a few Stops to make your job easier; listen to the kids making hay about your design choices and offering sage advice on how wooden track should be laid while deconstructing your best designs. Lesson learned! We get inspiration where we can and it’s the most unexpected and littlest things in life that provide the greatest insights and pleasures. No matter the design, chosen pathways, obstacles, adjustments or the critiques, life has a funny way of working out and brining you home, provided you keep your head down, work smart, and listen to the innocents among us who understand there is always a creatively simple solution which is usually different from the one we conceived or chose.

William Anton Lee
2013, May 19
[Building a Life & Wooden Track]

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