Spirit Rising, Arrows Broken

Arrow unknown, even unexpected, surely unwanted;
Pain revealed, oh so consuming;
Mantras waning, slowly quieted;
Storms gather, collecting broken umbrellas;
Bluster banters, haunting familiar noises;
Eyes deceive, painting eerie canvas;
Ears endlessly play, uttering nonsense.

Bow strung, second arrow quilled;
“So it is,” mental anguish denying;
Ego argues, ego answers;
Devils tempt, fantasies tantalize;
“So we wish,”sensibilities captivated;
Arrows mounted, ego targeted, wounding all afresh;
Pain revealed, pain recalled, oh so consuming.

Spirits consulted, confounding whispered truths;
Perfection tethered, predictions quartered;
Embracing roads travelled, regrets released;
Noises quieted, rejoicing in mantras old;
Demons wrestle, pushing pain’s resurgence;
Arrows broken, follow lowered shields;
Spirits rise, peace restoring.

William Anton Lee
2013, October 13

… Dedicated to my K-T Companions who inspire me daily to look ahead, to be grateful that each day brings life, to seek balance in accepting pain without acquiescing to the Jackals that follow it, and to recognize “normal” isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting – rather, it’s a mosaic of the unexpected, never ending dreams, and a dedication to live life unabated albeit interrupted from time to time.

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