K-T Courageous | Our Scrapbook

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This is fresh and new.

Announcing a worldwide K-T Support Project!

Imagine all of us submitting for publication in a world-class Coffee Table-Top Scrapbook an engaging photo or two along with a brief message or even a synopsis of our life to date. This will be a child’s dream book; and for us adults a comforting memory that we are not alone. We are doctors, attorneys, paramedics, psychologists, patient advocates, mothers, fathers, professional golfers, popular musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, researchers, teachers, engineers, mechanics, race car enthusiasts, radio personalities, students, and so much more. Imagine with me. Every K-T Kid in the world will now have a ready reference book that surely let’s them know they are not alone and all things are possible. PLEASE join us. Help us to celebrate our wonderful Klippel-Trenaunay Family. Help inspire generations to come.

Click this link to get more details on K-T Courageous | Our Scrapbook © ®

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