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Campaign Shirt - Frontside
Campaign Shirt – TriColor

Over the last several months Joshlyn Merchant has worked diligently to find KT symbols, messages, etc. that could be used to rally her community. Her community approached her about doing a walk-a-thon for her daughter. Yesterday, we posted two variations of Joshlyn’s work product. These are the “seeds” now being worked by product-professionals as they develop quality materials to advance the awareness of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome within our local communities.

Campaign and personal products are in the works – items like caps & hats, polo shirts, casual shirts and t-shirts, posters, educational materials, and so on.

Caps & Hats .triad
Cap & Hat Logo – TriColor

This endeavor is not for-profit; a coordinated support project for our KT family.We envision having readily available materials, products and planning guides to assist you with your local efforts. We see our efforts as supporting a grass-roots campaign consisting of local and personal efforts that bring our rare syndrome to the forefront in a hurry.

Our KT family has the ability to collectively bring home a vital, coordinated message.

Caps & Hats .blue
Cap & Hat Logo – Solid

The cornerstones of these efforts are common symbols, educational materials, and the like. You have asked, “Where are our posters”? Our response is, “Here”! We are asking you to consider Joshlyn’s work, to adopt it as our communities collective work product. We have a little time before locking in designs with professional-product developers. We are asking you to give us constructive advice pertaining to aesthetics, messages, and so on.

Any effort like this to be successful needs grassroots support. Our efforts are self-funded at this point. The key is bringing cost-effective support tools through volume purchases and selling out these inventories.

Tshirt Front .blue
Campaign Shirt – Solid

We are looking to augment the k-t.org legacy. Mellenee Finger, k-t.org, and I have spoken about our efforts in this matter. As a non-profit endeavor our initial investments are meant to start the ball rolling with the hope that future designs and product will be self-sustaining. Please join us. Let’s bring a coordinated and powerful KT message to our local communities.

Campaign Shirt – Back Side

Every campaign, every revolution starts with one person, one idea, and succeeds because the message resonates and a group of people engage. If your community has the desire and wherewithal to do walk-a-thons and so on, this works. We are a small community. Advancing our message necessarily means eventually getting our communities involved. If your ability to engage rests with personally wearing a cap or a shirt and giving people who ask questions an educational flyer, this works too.

Taking the first step is always the most daunting. I thank Joshlyn for holding out her hand and encouraging us to do just that. These are baby steps. We can do this. Please join us.

Pocket Logo .triad
Pocket Logo – TriColor
Pocket Logo .blue
Pocket Logo – Solid

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