Be a Conqueror


I’m reminded today by Melissa Cruz Levinson that we, those born with sweet surprises from Mother Nature, can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Melissa observed that so many times where discrimination is concerned, regardless of its aims; it is exacerbated by the very people that it affects the most.  So too is my random congenital challenge.

Melissa’s reflections and words reminded me that I have been working to make constructive and noticeable leaps forward for our KT-community, a family of like affected companions and their caretakers, family and friends.  She further cautioned me to not regress.  Melissa reminded me that I am hopeful. Most assuredly our efforts have required and will continue to require a vividly different approach; breakout kind of stuff.

Yes, Melissa I wholeheartedly agree.

Each of us can bring more awareness to our disabilities or any disability for that matter?  We can make a choice. Melissa proffered a ‘choice challenge’; as I read it, it is to choose between consciously and unescapably being defeated by the very thing we struggle against [not allowing our disability to define us] or reaching deep down and finding the courage to speak frankly and conquer the world regardless of circumstances of birth.  It is to choose to take a different stance than what might be conventional or our first inclination.

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Be a Conqueror!  Be a Super Hero!  Be an Innovator!  Be an Inspiration!  Make a difference!

Melissa, you wonderful soul and conqueror, thank you!

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