…dedication to Robert E. Wood

… building character

My kids’ high school principal caught me off guard one day and asked me why I had not been more forthright in telling her who my kids were.  The longer story is that I volunteered time as a school board member, a School Trustee, and consciously avoided associating myself with my two wonderful children, students of her school, particulalry when serving in any official capacity.  I explained that my kids needed to learn that life is their dominion and building their own independent foundation was important to their eventual success as adults.  I observed that so often children of coaches, etc. fight for their own identity and this is not a good thing.  She seemed puzzled by my response, but commented that whatever I was doing it was working.  I was puzzled when she challenged me to write a book on parenting.  I like this lady very much.  She is a strong women, a builder.  I’m as yet uncertain that I have that much to contribute to the subject, but intrigued enough by her confidence to start here.  Time will tell if my memories and reflections rise to a level she would consider book worthy.

One thing for sure, I have vivid memories of parents, teachers and friends who taught me well.  I certainly feel comfortable passing on memories and reflections of their counsel and example.  My first article here comes in the form of a memorial to my father in-law, Robert E. Wood.  The occasion unfortunately is his passing.  He inspired me as I watched him with his daughter, my wife, and my children, his grandchildren.  Now, that’s a man who should have written a book.  It would have been a best seller.  I present his “Life Sketch” – it’s the best I can do for now.  In time, as I reflect on our days together, I will do better and catalogue the things he inspired.

Robert E. Wood

My father in-law, “Pop” to me, passed away June 28, 2011, at 95 years old.  With the help of family and friends we compiled a tribute to him.  He is a man deserving an epic tale and our sketch only hints at the storied nature of his life.

Click or Touch here: Life Sketch to view.

It is common place to talk about people of  Pop’s age as being of, or in, the Greatest Generation.  He exemplifies that generation.  I miss him. 

Beyond making a difference in many people’s lives every day, he purposely called me son.  That moment in the garage some 35-years ago meant the world to me then, and even more now. 

Love and miss you, Pop!  

Rest in Peace.

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