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               If prefer to skip the following introduction, there is a shortcut to these articles – the Menu Bar above has the links.

               Accused of being a Renaissance Man once, I had to look up the reference.  For a moment there I thought I was accused of being “old”.  Ok, I’m there now, or at least close enough, but this was several decades ago.  Some Renaissance Man!  Hah!  I had to look up the definition, the derivation.  Ok, so I got it.  I tend to be interested in a lot of stuff, yet not expert at much.  You know, I like the reference.  It sort of fits.  I have always been interested in the world t-large.  I’m a curious fellow and I’m glad to have tried my hand at much in life.  You’ll get that part of me as this section develops over time.

              Here’s my initial brainstorming list in no particular orer.  Know me well?  Feel free to add to it.

 Table of Avocations

  1. Thomas Jefferson (Project: Jefferson page is under construction, so I linked my first article here)
  2. Women
  3. Education
  4. Child Rearing
  5. Earth
  6. Humanity
  7. Plato
  8. Gandhi
  9. Jesus The Christ
  10. Prophet Mohammad
  11. S. Freud
  12. Model Trains
  13. Rhythm &  Blues
  14. Music Motown
  15. Hi Fi Audio
  16. Deutschland
  17. Auto Porsche
  18. C4 Corvettes
  19. Frank Lloyd Wright
  20. Modern Architecture
  21. Organic Living
  22. Resource Conservation
  23. Spirituality
  24. Basketball (NBA)
  25. International Football (Soccer)
  26. Interior Design
  27. Landscape Design
  28. Woodworking
  29. Singing
  30. … and on and on


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