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                If your reading this it’s because you haven’t learned about the shortcut in the Menu Bar above, or you’re simply bored to death and reading more gibberish is a prescription for sleeplessness.  Either way, my thoughts on this section, Mutterings, and other endeavors of a Court Jester follow.  The shortest explanation I can give is by way of a greeting, “Welcome to my Bar!”

               I talk at the newspaper, at the TV, the car sitting at the green light, the hammer that just bent the nail; you got it …. any inanimate object that won’t talk back.  I’m betting the social psychologists have a word for it.  Save it!  It’s cathartic.  That would be good.  But as with all good things they become old school overnight.  In every sense we have a new age catharsis and its Social Websites. Right down to folks inventing alter-egos to remain anonymous, which is one degree from being inanimate.  So now we talk at total strangers with allowances that they can speak back from a safe distance, although civil discourse is not guaranteed.  Builds a new type of tolerance or callousness depending on your perspective.  But then, that might not be all bad.  At least now when you’re busted for barking at an object, your computer, you no longer meet at least one classic, popular definition of being crazy.  Yup, the one about answering your own questions or being in a conversation with yourself.

               Time for another confession, I plead guilty to arguing with the computer.  That is, the anonymous specimen of humanity on the other side of the computer.  Lock me up!  I’ve also regularly questioning the mental prowess of a knucklehead or two.  Ya, it’s easy to get cynical.  It’s even easier to give up on it.  But all things considered, I like this new media.  It’s a reasonable replacement for the neighborhood bar.  Marginally healthier when you consider alcohol need not be a part of the social experience; provided you don’t sit with your computer until 2 am in the morning like you once did with the drunken citizen who sat in the adjacent bar stool.  And incidentally, the drive home certainly is safer.  Now if only social network holograms were a reality.  What do you think Mr. Jobs, was that your next breakthrough?  

               Time to get on point.  I’m changing my approach to social networking.  It needs some tweaking.  Their are times when you simply want to say what’s on your mind without weeks of research.  These are the times when being socially engaged (a fancy way of saying impatient) includes responding in the heat of the moment to something someone posted on your favorite web-social network.  Sure, when you pop-off you’re risking closer scrutiny.  Thoughtful, even more nuanced speech is usually far superior.  Ya, I thought about continuing to post directly on these networks, but of late, my “less impatient” friends are asking me, “why here”.  So out of deep appreciation and respect for my friends, I’m posting here first. 

               I’m already liking this approach.  It encourages me to re-read my “well constructed” rants several days later.  My most common reaction?  What was I thinking!  I’m also hoping friends won’t mind coming here for conversations.  More or less, off-line so to speak.  This is preferred to blowing-up other Friends’ social pages, which is not the best way to keep friends friendly.  At least here, you know what sandbox you’re getting into.  There is always the option to link into here when posting, say on Facebook when the urge hits, but for the most part I think I’m going to be happier talking with people who tend to know me.  You, my friends, are less inclined to presume the worst and have the courage to bump me, ever so slight, when I’m off course. 

              A key to navigating my site is to remember it is driven by blogging software.  All articles are available in the Journal  in the daily order written.  However, digging through the perils of my mind on a day-to-day basis means having to deal with frequent mood changes – one day it’s memory of the “kids of old”, the next day it’s about “new kids” having to deal with the same congenital disorder as I.  Thankfully, the genius behind the blogging software I chose is that it offers a convenient pathway through the morass.  At the upper part of all pages is a Menu Bar which provides targeted (filtered) reading opportunities.  The software folks call these “categories”.  I hope this helps those of you who share a select few of my passions and wish to avoid dredging through those categories which interest you little.


Your chum,


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